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Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Alabama

Abusing illicit drugs harms personal health, relationships and career opportunities. It impacts an individual’s life and the lives of family members. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, almost 106,000 residents of Alabama abuse illicit drugs and 97,000 residents need treatment for illicit drug abuse. Depending on the situation, the best treatment solution to help with addiction recovery will vary; however, residential programs allow men and women to focus on personal goals and make positive changes to an individual lifestyle.

What Is Residential Care?

A residential drug treatment program refers to any facility that allows an individual to stay in the facility during his or her recovery program. Psych Central says that the programs last for 28 days or more, depending on the needs of the individual and the details of the facility. Long-term programs allow individuals to stay in the facility for an extended period of 3 months to 1 year, so it helps with long-term goals and health concerns.

The primary benefits of a residential program are the changing environment and the focus on recovery goals. Each program and facility offers different solutions to address addiction, co-occurring mental health disorders, physical health concerns or any complications associated with substance abuse. Depending on the facility, the treatment options available for addiction recovery will vary.

Treatments Offered In Residential Programs

Inpatient treatment facilities offer a variety of options for addiction recovery and personal goals. Since programs focus on different concerns, the best solution for addiction recovery will depend on the approach treatment specialists take to help with individual goals.

Despite variations between programs and facilities, most inpatient treatment plans offer key similarities. The treatments individuals can expect before going into a program include:

  • Counseling services on an individual, group or family basis
  • Cognitive or behavioral therapies
  • Nutrition therapy or nutritional supplementation
  • Health treatments for physical ailments
  • Treatments for mental health disorders
  • Exercise programs, including sports activities, yoga or martial arts
  • Recreational activities like art or music
  • Educational programs and life skills training

Certain inpatient programs offer more comprehensive treatment solutions, such as meditation, massage or acupuncture. Furthermore, holistic and religion-based facilities offer spiritual guidance or advice that help with long-term goals or address an unexpected source of an addiction or temptation. The programs usually assess an individual’s physical and mental health before designing a personalized treatment plan.

Inpatient Treatment Centers In Alabama

Inpatient treatment programs in Alabama allow residents to stay in a local area without giving up on recovery goals. Alternatively, individuals travel to Alabama for a new environment that differs from a local area and reduces the temptation to abuse illicit drugs due to the different surroundings.

Bradford Health Services

Bradford Health Services offers a variety of residential care solutions that help men, women and adolescents reach their personal goals and concerns. The program provides residential care in a highly structured environment that addresses the needs of each individual. Extended care or long-term residential care allows individuals to persist with recovery goals when short-term treatments result in a relapse or do not address the underlying complications associated with substance abuse.

Expect A Miracle

Expect A Miracle offers a gender-specific treatment program for men. The program provides residential care and 24-hour support based on personal goals and concerns. Each individual goes through an evaluation before entering a specific treatment program and residential facility.

ALR Sober Life

ALR Sober Life is a long-term residential program that addresses the needs of men. It takes a highly structured approach to the recovery process that takes several months before an individual transitions into a lifestyle out of the facility. The level of structure gradually reduces so that men transition easily into a healthy lifestyle.

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If you, or someone you love, are suffering from an addiction to drugs and would like to give inpatient treatment the opportunity to work for you, contact us today for help finding the right residential treatment facility nearest you.

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