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Alaska Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in AlaskaAlaskan Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Helping People Live Happier Lives

Men, women, and young adults in Alaska can suffer with substance abuse issues no matter who they are. In fact, 16,000 people in Alaska take illicit drugs and as many as 14,000 people never receive the treatment they need. With drug addiction and prescription drug dependency affecting so many lives, it has become increasingly important for health facilities to offer treatment programs to fight this growing issue. Inpatient drug rehabilitation is paving the way for people to get involved in treatment programs that offer a stable, safe environment so they can learn the skills and motivation to abstain from drug use and create a new lifestyle.

Benefits Of Inpatient Rehabilitation Treatment

Inpatient treatment provides an environment where people can receive 24-hour care from nurses and other medical professionals who are focused on giving specialized care and therapies. This positive environment often becomes a safe haven so people are not exposed to more drug activities in their home or neighborhood. People have full use of the facility as they may stay there from 28 days or more based on the severity of their addictions. This method allows for people to interact with others and gain confidence as they engage in treatment programs, recreational activities, and other recovery strategies designed to help put an end to their substance abuse problems.

Alaska Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Volunteers of America

Parents who have young children that have developed a drug dependency can find help at the Volunteers of America located in 509 West 3rd Avenue, Suite 103 in Anchorage. They provide a facility located in Eagle River that offers the Adolescent Residential Center for Help (ARCH) program for kids ranging from 13 to 18 years of age. The 24-patient facility helps young children with both their chemical dependency problems as well as co-occurring mental health issues so they can again be healthy in mind and body. The program offers individual counseling, family and group sessions, nutritional programs, psychological services, and drug education that is provided by the Anchorage School District. Patients will stay at the facility for 5 to 7 months so they can have a successful recovery.

Fairbanks Native Association Women and Children’s Center for Inner Healing

American Indian and Native Alaskan women who are pregnant or mothers with young children can feel frustrated and overwhelmed with their lives as they will seek out drugs. The Fairbanks Native Association helps these women fight off the drug and alcohol addiction by operating the Women and Children’s Center for Inner Healing at 3100 South Cushman Street in Fairbanks, Alaska. The 12-bed facility focuses on treating substance abuse by using several different care strategies which include family therapy, group therapy, individual psychotherapy, 12-Step programs, mental health services, and anger management help. Pregnant and postpartum women are also provided with resources to find healthy parenting groups as well as child and school-age programs that are available in the community.

Nugen’s Ranch Alaska Addiction Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

At Nugen’s Ranch, it is more than just giving substance abuse treatment to adult men and women. The center also focuses on community outreach as the patients provide services and activities to help people throughout the neighborhood. Located at 26731 Point MacKenzie Road in Wasilla, Nugen’s Ranch offers a treatment program that utilizes the 12-Step philosophy as the staff provides daily NA meetings, AA meetings, individual counseling, group sessions, work therapy and farm activities. People who stay at the ranch also participate in community activities such as selling produce at state fairs, making crafts, helping build parade floats and even developing amateur theater productions. Recovery programs can last for up to 2 years based on the severity of the substance abuse problem.

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Contact us for more details about treatment options in Alaska.You don’t have to travel out of Alaska to find the right treatment center to help battle your drug abuse problems. We have the resources to help you decide on the right treatment programs and facilities located in your area. Inpatient treatment provides full-time care that can prove beneficial to those who have found no relief from their addictions through other forms of therapy.

If you are suffering from a drug addiction, and would like to give inpatient treatment the opportunity to work for you, contact us today to get started in the right direction.


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