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Inpatient Drug Rehabs in ConnecticutSubstance abuse problems can be frightening both for patients and for their loved ones. It can be very difficult for many patients to stop abusing these harmful substances, which is one of the reasons that these illnesses can be so overwhelming. This is one of the most structured forms of addiction treatment and for many patients trying to find the best treatment option, inpatient treatment will give them the care they need. The people of Connecticut continue to demonstrate their pressing need to high quality inpatient rehab facilities. According to surveys conducted by SAMHSA, an estimated 76,000 people in the state used illicit substances in the past year. It is also estimated that 68,000 people needed treatment for substance abuse issues but were not receiving it. Here is what all patients should know about inpatient drug treatment in Connecticut.

Understanding Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab involves patients living at a facility throughout their treatment. These sessions can last anywhere from just a few weeks to a couple of months or even longer. Patients who need medical support during their detox may also find that many facilities offer this type of care as well. Detox is the first few days or weeks after stopping the usage of a drug that can be accompanied by painful, and even occasionally dangerous, physical symptoms. It is generally best for patients going through a detox to do so under the care of a medical professional who can supervise their progress.

Patients interested in inpatient care will find that it is commonly recommended for those who have tried rehab before and have not been successful at remaining sober or for those who have had a long lasting addiction. Many other patients select it as well if they feel as though the treatment options will best match their individual needs. An extended inpatient stay can also prove invaluable for those who also require treatment for a co-occurring mental health disorder because patients will receive care and around the clock. They are also in a new and supportive environment, which many will find to be very beneficial for their treatment goals.

Those evaluating drug rehabs will find that inpatient facilities can vary widely based upon their offerings. Some more traditional facilities will offer 12 step programs and standard group and individual therapy throughout the day. Others will offer a variety of holistic and alternative classes, such as yoga, acupuncture, or music lessons.

Inpatient Substance Abuse Centers In Connecticut

Turning Point in New Haven

Turning Point is a residential treatment option dedicated to helping young men overcome their substance abuse problems. They also have the resources needed to help those facing a co-occurring mental disorders. The program is based upon three phases: therapy, experience and structured living known as Preparative Care that helps patients find the skills they need to live an exceptional life beyond the grasp of substance abuse.

High Watch Recovery Center in Kent

High Watch Recovery Center sits in a beautiful wooded area, creating the perfect environment for finding peace. They staff dedicates themselves to learning about the latest in substance abuse treatment and incorporating the best practices into their 12 step base. They focus on helping patients find the tools they need to continue their new sober living even after they left the program.

Mountainside in Canaan

Mountainside works to provide comprehensive treatment for patients struggling with both drugs and alcohol. They use both traditional and alternative treatment options to ensure that all patients have their needs met. The center offers detox for those who need it and employ a dedicated and experienced staff to help patients overcome their past challenges and find the strength they need to life sober, healthy and happy lives.

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