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April 20th, 2015

24 May, 2009

How important is an inpatient drug rehab and why do they have the highest success rate? Today we are going to cover several reasons why a person should stay away from an outpatient facility and really only consider entering an effective inpatient program. There are several factors that make up this reason but the biggest one is success rate.

Most outpatient drug rehabs don’t even offer any type of success rate because they don’t have one. Almost 100 percent of people that try outpatient relapse and fall deeper into their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Sometimes these types of outpatient programs where people attend meetings for Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are able to meet people who will participate in the use of drugs and alcohol.

Again the best type of drug rehab is one that is inpatient. Inpatient drug rehabs are always the most effective type of program especially ones that are holistic and alternative. Inpatient facilities that believe addiction is a choice rather than an incurable disease are much more suitable and have a higher recovery rate than traditional programs. Most alternative rehabs that offer detox, counseling, life skills therapy and a therapeutic environment are you best choice in finding the most effective type of residential setting.

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