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Florida Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in FloridaWhen dealing with a drug dependency issue, it can be difficult to stop abusing substances on your own, even when you are motivated and really want to get clean and sober. This is true in Florida as it is in any other state in the US. Under such circumstances, the most appropriate course of action is to find a suitable inpatient drug rehab program and enter it as soon as possible.

With inpatient drug rehab services, patients will come to the facility to stay (for a varying period, based on each patient’s individual requirements) for the first portion of their road to recovery. Patients who must undergo detoxification before treatment can begin receiving the benefit of around-the-clock care and observation in a clinical setting, and then they can take part in other aspects of rehab.

For example, they will participate in group therapy sessions to help them realize they are not alone in dealing with the problem of substance abuse. They also receive information on how to prevent themselves from relapsing once they leave the inpatient facility.

In cases where the patient has a co-occurring mental health disorder, the trained staff will deal with those underlying issues as well. The inpatient environment will be less stressful and provides a more structured lifestyle that so many of these patients need as they embark on the path of recovery. Enrollment in an inpatient program helps individuals avoid familiar locations, people and situations that would ordinarily trigger drug abuse, letting them focus more of their time and attention on getting better.

Drug Dependency, Abuse, And Rehab In Florida

Approximately 413,000 people in Florida are dependent on or abuse illicit drugs, according to the latest figures from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Remarkably, of those 413,000 individuals in Florida, about 369,000 of them need this treatment but are not getting it. However, there are so many reputable drug abuse treatment facilities in Florida for individuals to take advantage of for help on an inpatient basis.

Finding Inpatient Drug Rehab Services In Florida

These statistics of people who require assistance but are not yet receiving it sheds light on the enormity of the problem. Fortunately, for the many individuals in need of treatment for substance abuse and dependence in Florida, a variety of facilities provide inpatient drug rehab services.

The Treatment Center

For example, the Treatment Center provides help for patients in cities ranging from Clearwater to West Palm Beach, with an interdisciplinary, board-certified roster of nurses, therapists, doctors and psychiatrists on hand to facilitate recovery. Patients are assessed and then given a treatment plan customized for their particular needs. Services include detoxification under medical supervision, one-on-one counseling and group therapy sessions. Patients are also introduced to the 12-Step system and get instruction on how to prevent relapses.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

At Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, the professional staff offers an inpatient program for detoxification. Patients also get help with pain management as needed, as many become addicted when recovering from a painful injury or surgery. Suboxone maintenance is also provided. The team at Tallahassee Memorial has expertise in diagnosing and treating patients who also have co-occurring mental disorders.

The Watershed

The Watershed has facilities in locations ranging from Boca Raton to Palm Beaches. Once patients have undergone any required detoxification, they participate in the inpatient drug rehab program. Its full treatment program provides educational, physical and emotional support. Patients receive structured care and a support system that includes the principles of the 12-Step program.

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