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Inpatient Drug Rehabs in IowaRecovering from substance abuse and illicit drugs requires the right treatment program. In the state of Iowa, roughly 56,000 residents abuse illicit drugs and an alarming 50,000 of those residents require treatment for illicit drug abuse but are not receiving it, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. By seeking treatment in an inpatient or residential program, individuals learn valuable skills that help them reach their recovery goals and start working toward a healthy lifestyle.

Residential Treatment Basics

A residential treatment program refers to any facility that allows the individual to stay in the facility during his or her treatment plan. During the program, individuals go through different treatment solutions and work on a variety of concerns or problems so that they reach personal goals and start improving the situation.

Psych Central says that most residential programs last at least 28 days, but some facilities offer long-term inpatient care to address more complicated health concerns, co-occurring disorders or previous relapses on the substance. A long-term program removes an individual from his or her home environment for a period of 3 months to 1 year, depending on the facility and the individual’s specific needs.

Benefits Of Residential Care

A residential program offers clear benefits that differ from out-patient treatment solutions. Generally, residential programs allow individuals to work toward their goals without any distractions from work, family life or stress at home. Furthermore, the program provides a safe and comfortable environment with nurses or medical staff available when health concerns arise so that individuals do not face unnecessary complications with their treatment program.

The primary benefits of inpatient treatment programs include:

A new and unfamiliar environment
Safe surroundings
Personalized treatment plans
Addressing underlying causes of addiction, such as trauma, mental health disorders or problems in a family
Working with each person on an individual basis
Providing counseling services on an individual, group or family levels
Providing treatments for co-occurring mental health disorders
Addressing physical health concerns
Providing an education about the dangers of illicit drug abuse
Residential care allows an individual to focus on his or her health and personal goals. The program eliminates any distractions from treatment and allows the individual to address problems that cause drug abuse. It also allows individuals to rebuild personal relationships or identify dangerous and unhealthy relationships before addressing the problems.

Treatment Programs In Iowa

Finding the right treatment program for personal goals ultimately depends on the situation. In general, Iowa offers a variety of programs that help with substance abuse recovery and personal situations. Some programs also address gender-specific concerns and the needs of adolescents with substance abuse concerns.

The Seven-12 House

The Seven-12 House is part of the Youth & Shelter Services for adolescent drug treatment. The program offers residential care with a highly structured environment that addresses the specific needs of teenagers. Since the facility has 15 beds, it works with small groups and helps young adults learn valuable skills that prevent future substance abuse. It also provides gender-responsive programming that helps address the specific needs of girls and boys during the recovery program.

Jackson Recovery Centers

Jackson Recovery Centers offer residential and out-patient services with several different treatment programs and options. The program provides gender-specific treatments for women and men in recovery as well as treatment programs for adolescents and children. After completing the initial treatment plan, individuals transition into an out-patient program for additional support for an extended period.

The Powell Chemical Dependency Center

The Powell Chemical Dependency Center is part of UnityPoint Health and it offers medical services and addiction treatment for individuals. As a medical program that works with a hospital, it provides partial hospitalization and inpatient care when medical concerns arise and an individual needs more comprehensive treatments.

Treating Substance Addiction In Iowa Is Possible

Contact us for more details about treatment options in IowaSelecting the right treatment program depends on personal goals and the situation. In general, treatment programs in Iowa help individuals address the causes of an addiction and start working on realistic recovery solutions. If you are suffering from a drug addiction, and would like to give inpatient treatment the opportunity to work for you, contact us today.

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