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Kansas Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in KansasFor some patients, outpatient drug abuse treatment is simply not the best option to ensure that the drug problem is properly dealt with. The deeply rooted addiction requires a more comprehensive treatment. Inpatient drug treatment provides a more intensive treatment, with the patient checking into the treatment facility and remaining for the entire length of treatment, which may be 28 days all the way up to 90 days or even more.

Inpatient drug treatment allows the patient to go through detox under medical supervision, then have intense counseling and therapy to prepare for life without drug addiction. The highly supervised environment makes it nearly impossible to fall victim to drug use during the detox process. For those who have been addicted to drugs for many years, this may be the best option to actually overcome the addiction.

The Need For Inpatient Treatment In Kansas

In Kansas, the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health indicate that approximately 51,000 people admit to illicit drug dependence or abuse in the past year. With those thousands of people struggling with addiction, thousands more are damaged by the addiction because they love or care for the individual. The impact of drug use in the state is quite far-reaching.

Unfortunately, not everyone who is struggling with drug use gets the help they need. The same report indicates that around 46,000 people need but do not receive treatment for illicit drug use in the past year. Unfortunately, these numbers indicate that the vast majority of people who need help do not get it. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug abuse, you can get help at one of the many treatment centers in the state that offer inpatient drug treatment.

Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Centers In Kansas

If you are looking for inpatient drug or alcohol treatment, here are some facilities that offer the service.

New Chance, Inc.

New Chance, Inc. offers inpatient services for people struggling with both drug and alcohol addiction from a center in Dodge City. Patients are able to detox under close supervision, then enjoy either long-term or short-term residential treatment to ensure they are fully recovered. The facility also offers aftercare to follow up with patients as they transition back to regular life.


Marillac, located in Overland Park, is a psychiatric facility that targets the needs of children and adolescents. It provides drug abuse services alongside mental health treatment to address the needs of the whole individual. It is affiliated with the University of Kansas School of Medicine, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care with the latest treatment and therapy options.

Mirror, Inc.

Mirror, Inc., is a drug and alcohol treatment with an inpatient option with services for both men and women in Topeka. Using a structured recovery environment to break the cycle of addiction, Mirror, Inc., has seen great success with helping patients overcome addiction. After recovery, patients have the option to enter the reintegration program, a residential living environment where patients are reintegrated into society while maintaining supervision and therapy to ensure the transition is successful. The facility offers help for addictions of all type, including problem gambling in addition to drug and alcohol.

Finding the Right Inpatient Treatment Option

Contact us for more details about treatment options in Kansas.If you are looking for an inpatient treatment center for someone you love, finding the right option can be challenging. is ready to help.

Contact us today to find all the facilities in Kansas that offer inpatient treatment, see what options are available, and find one located near you. With the help of, you can find the right treatment option for your drug abuse struggle.


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