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Inpatient Drug Rehabs in KentuckyThe first step to overcoming a drug problem is first admitting that there is a problem. Next, there’s the task of getting help – specifically via a qualified rehabilitation treatment center. When it comes to seeking treatment for drug addiction, however, there are two main paths – inpatient or outpatient. While both have been proven effective, it’s largely up to the individual to decide what method of treatment is best for them. Outpatient, for instance, is less intensive and structured than inpatient, thereby permitting an individual to attend therapy and counseling sessions and still live their normal daily lives. Then there’s inpatient treatment, also known as residential treatment. It’s more intensive than outpatient treatment, largely because it involves an individual moving into a rehabilitation facility for anywhere from 30 to 120 days. Here, individuals attend individual and group counseling sessions and participate in daily activities to replace negative stimuli with positive ones.

Inpatient rehab is ideal for those who are looking to overcome their addiction once and for all, as despite the life interruption, it offers the maximum amount of treatment. It’s also ideal for those who have attempted to overcome their addiction via outpatient means, but have relapsed. Drug abuse and dependence is a nationwide problem in the United States – and the state of Kentucky is no exception. Here’s a closer look at drug dependence in Kentucky as well as information on the residential treatment centers offered throughout the state.

Drug Abuse In Kentucky

It’s estimated that as many as 96,000 Kentucky residents experienced illicit drug dependence or drug abuse within the past year. Furthermore, it’s estimated that as many as 83,000 Kentucky residents are not seeking treatment for drug abuse issues that should be. As we mentioned, drug addiction is a nationwide challenge. And as you can see from these statistics, the state of Kentucky is no exception to the norm.

Kentucky Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Kentucky is home to a plethora of drug treatment facilities, many of which offer inpatient treatment. The city of Louisville alone offers 34 centers, including Beacon House Aftercare Program Inc., located on South 2nd Street, which offers long-term residential treatment of 60, 90 or 120 days. Also in Louisville is Brook Hospital KMI/Substance Abuse Services. However, unlike Beacon House Aftercare Program, Brook Hospital KMI/Substance Abuse Services only offers short-term inpatient treatment of 30 days or less. It also specializes in treating adolescents and hearing impaired individuals.

Elsewhere throughout the state, the city of Lexington offers 22 drug treatment facilities – several of which offer inpatient treatment. These include Chrysalis Apartment Community Serenity Apartments, located on Hill Rise Drive, which offers treatment for substance abuse ranging from 60 to 120 day residential stays. It also features programs specifically for women and offers beds for client children. Hope Center Recovery Program is another Lexington-based inpatient treatment facility, offering both residential short-term and long-term options. The facility also provides aftercare addiction treatment via the likes of halfway houses and sober living facilities.

In Elizabethtown, there’s Communicare Inc. Recovery Center/Outpatient Services, which, despite its title, also offers short-term inpatient treatment of 30 days or less.

As you can see, Kentucky has a variety of options for those seeking inpatient rehabilitation treatment for drug addiction.

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