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Louisiana Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in LouisianaFor patients who have struggled with drug addiction for many years, outpatient therapies will not provide sufficient help. Unfortunately, outpatient therapy does not remove the triggers that can send the individual back to the drugs. Inpatient therapies, which require the patient to check in to a residential treatment program that offers 24-hour monitoring, is one of the most structured forms of addiction treatment and can be more effective for longstanding drug addiction problems.

In an inpatient treatment program, the individual begins the process with detox. With the 24-hour monitoring, medically assisted detox is more readily available. After detox is complete, intensive therapy helps ensure that the individual is able to return to normal life and not return to the drug addiction. Group therapy, individual counseling, animal therapies, holistic care and psychiatric care are all available through inpatient treatment. Patients will then work on reintegrating into normal life, so that they can learn to avoid turning to drugs when faced with their normal triggers.

Louisiana Drug Addiction Facts

In Louisiana, finding help for drug addiction is essential because of the prevalence of drug abuse. According to the 2012-2013 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health, approximately 110,000 people over the age of 12 admit to illicit drug dependence or abuse over the past year. That’s a staggering number of individuals who are struggling with the reality of drug addiction and all of its affects.

Yet, the same surveys found that only about 10,000 of those who need treatment for illicit drug use received it. A full 100,000 people need help, but do not receive any treatment for their drug abuse. If you love someone who is struggling with drug addiction in Louisiana, these statistics show that chances are high the individual is not getting the treatment he or she needs.

Facilities Providing Inpatient Treatment in Louisiana

Not all facilities that provide drug abuse help in Louisiana provide inpatient treatment. Here are some facilities that do.

Acadian Addiction Center

The Acadian Addiction Center is in Lafayette and offers a large selection of drug abuse and addiction services. It is an Addictive Disorder Regulatory Authority and is affiliated with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and the Jason Foundation. They offer a medically assisted detox and a highly rated 30 to 90 day inpatient stay. The beautiful natural setting of the campus lets individuals become emotionally stable and focus on getting free from addiction. It is a holistic rehab center that treats the whole body, including physical and psychological struggles individuals may have.

Edgefield Recovery Center

Located in Cheneyville, the Edgefield Recovery Center offers both outpatient and residential treatment in a beautiful campus. It is licensed by the State of Louisiana and offers JCAHO Accreditation. Accepting most major insurances, Edgefield gives patients a chance to remove themselves from daily triggers and focus entirely on their recovery.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center

In Lafayette, the Victory Addiction Recovery Center offers individualized treatment for each patient, focusing on the mind, body and soul. Medically addicted detox begins the process, followed by inpatient treatment with licensed counselors to ensure that individuals are able to mentally and emotionally heal. Length of treatment is between 14 and 45 days. Ongoing outpatient programs after the inpatient portion helps follow up with patients and ensure that they are able to remain free of drug addiction after reintegrating into daily life.

Professional Assistance Finding Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment in Louisiana

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