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Inpatient Drug Rehabs in MarylandMaryland Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Services Giving People Hope

In the state of Maryland, there are 129,000 people from 12 years of age and older who are taking illicit drugs with 115,000 people never getting the treatment they need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Yet it is never too late to get help and start treatment. All throughout the state, facilities and health programs are offering inpatient treatment to help these people get away from the substance abuse that is slowly ruining their lives. By receiving this care in a structured environment, people obtain counseling and other recovery services so that they won’t have to turn to drugs.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Services

Inpatient treatment focuses on giving a person intensive and comprehensive therapy and counseling to recover from substance abuse. People will stay at the facility for a certain length of time that can last for a month to several months based on the severity of their drug addiction or dependency. Inpatient treatment can comprise of several different care strategies such as traditional individual counseling sessions, holistic therapy, faith-based strategies, recreational therapies, psychological assessments and other treatments. Each program is tailored to the individual so they can gain the care to successfully transition from the rehabilitation facility and rejoin the community with the skills and confidence they need to abstain from drug use.

Maryland Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Hope House Treatment Center

At Hope House located at 26 Marbury Drive in Crownsville, nurses and medical professionals offer a wide range of care services that are the best fit for patients which can include inpatient treatment. The center gives comprehensive assessments of individuals and then provides a tailored treatment program that consists of 12-Step help group introductions, medical stabilization, cognitive/behavioral counseling, and psychological assessments. Patients take part in an intensive program that lasts from 14 days to 28 days as the center provides 24-hour nursing care to assist people with their recovery.

Chrysalis House Inc. Crownsville

Residential treatment programs allow for patients to get away from negative environments and pursue substance abuse recovery in a positive atmosphere. At Chrysalis House Inc., they provide three facilities located throughout Maryland that offer treatment for women who suffer from specific drug abuse or dependency as they can find a safe place for themselves and their at-risk children. The Crownsville facility located at 1570 Crownsville Road gives counseling services and prevention programs for women who have already successfully completed a 30-day detoxification treatment at an outpatient program or intermediary care center. Services that woman can find during their stay include substance abuse education, individual/group counseling, life skills development, 12-Step meetings, therapeutic recreation and relapse prevention. Woman can also obtain employment training and child care at the facility.

Pathways/Anne Arundel Medical Center

The Pathways Program provided by the Anne Arundel Medical Center is tailored for individuals who have clinically shown that they need full-time inpatient care for a substance abuse issue or co-occurring mental health problem. Teens and adults can stay at the Pathways facility located at 2620 Riva Road in Annapolis. They may obtain care in the form of supervised medical detoxification, group counseling, recovery education, spiritual counseling, nutrition education, individual case management, adventure therapy and aftercare planning. Patients will also have access to a wide range of amenities such as private bedrooms, double occupancy rooms, a patio, gymnasium, cafeteria and student classrooms. Since people may suffer from different levels of substance abuse, the length of their stay will be based on each person’s specific clinical needs.

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