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Inpatient Drug Rehabs in MassachusettsDespite all that’s known about it and its prevalence worldwide, drug addiction is a relatively subtle disease. It’s not inherited suddenly with some grand announcement or obvious symptoms; it’s built up over time and grows steadily in strength, like a parasite. A condition this destructive needs to be dealt with carefully, seriously, and with focus. Though many people find success in outpatient drug rehabilitation, there’s no more comprehensive way to tackle the problem than with inpatient treatment.

People who elect inpatient treatment are giving the maximum attention to treating their disease. Everything from their environment, schedule, social connections, and meal plans are tailored towards recovery. Inpatient programs, by virtue of their nature, are better able to provide unique opportunities, like equine therapy and community therapy, than outpatient programs.

Inpatient rehabilitation gives clients the best possible odds. With how pervasive substance abuse, those better odds are vital.

Drug Addiction In Massachusetts

Between 2012 and 2013, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) studied drug addiction in Massachusetts and discovered some surprising numbers. In that span of time, over 160,000 Massachusetts residents over the age of 11 had experienced illicit drug abuse or dependence. In that same period, over 140,000 of the same people needed treatment for illicit drug use, but never received it.

Whether it’s due to lack of access or lack of knowledge, many Massachusetts residents are suffering from substance abuse and not getting the treatment they desperately need. Fortunately, there are options that can help curb these alarming statistics.

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Centers

High Point Treatment Center

Many people suffering from substance abuse have hit their persona low points; one of the best ways to turn that around is to visit High Point Treatment Center. Located across the state in locations like Plymouth, New Bedford, and Brockton, this organization offers individually-tailored programs and treatment to help better its clients.

High Point places a high value on mental health. More often than not, substance abuse comes packaged with other contributing illnesses; the counselors at the various High Point locations are perfectly poised to treat multiple concerns. This multi-faceted style of treatment is where inpatient rehabilitation programs really shine.

Spectrum Health Systems, Inc.

For nearly fifty years, Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. has helped several thousands of people walk the path of sobriety. Based out of Westborough, this organization features the largest addiction treatment facility in all of New England—it’s set upon a 25-acre parkland site. This helps to give clients as much physical and mental space as they need.

As one of the region’s premier rehabs, Spectrum features a number of exhaustive recovery programs. Some are for adults, others are for adolescents, and they all serve different needs: social, vocational, physical, mental, etc. Courses in anger management or dealing with domestic violence are also available to those who need them.

Phoenix House

With nearly 150 programs across ten states, the Phoenix House is one of the most reliable substance abuse recovery organizations in the entire country. The Massachusetts branch of the Phoenix House spans the entire state; there are locations in Quincy, Dorchester, Springfield, and more. Potential clients who prefer urban backdrops or natural scenery have sites to choose from.

The philosophy behind Phoenix House is holistic: clients needs treatment of the mind, body, and soul. As a result, the organization’s programs are designed to be thorough and deeply personalized.

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