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Missouri Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in MissouriWhile there are many different options when it comes to rehabilitation, residential or inpatient treatment proves the most effective means of treatment for many. Inpatient drug treatment removes an addict from his or her immediate environment, which keeps them away from stresses and triggers that may cause them to use substances in the first place. While in residential therapy, addicts have limited access to the outside world, including news and other potential stressors. They also have the company of others dealing with the same issues, which provides emotional support as they go through rehabilitation.

During inpatient rehab, a patient may go through detox, if they require assistance in overcoming the physical aspect of their addiction, and typically participates in both individual and group counseling. Since residential programs are frequently long-term, 90 days or more, individuals participating in inpatient treatment programs will have the time it takes to form new habits, which can mean the difference between a short-term break in the cycle of addiction and long-term success.

Drug Abuse in Missouri

Many people throughout the state of Missouri are dealing with drug issues. In a year, roughly 133,000 residents of the state are dependent upon, or abuse, illicit drugs. One-hundred and twelve thousand of those people had drug abuse issues severe enough to require treatment, but did not receive it. Residential drug rehabilitation could help many of these people get over their dependence on substances, lowering addiction rates in the state.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facilities in Missouri

When you’re struggling with addiction, a long-term residential program may be the treatment you need for longer-term success. A few rehab facilities provide inpatient treatment options in the state of Missouri.

Harris House Foundation (St. Louis)

Harris House Foundation provides residential treatment for adult men and women in St. Louis. Both short-term programs of less than 30 days and long-term inpatient stays of 60, 90 or 120 days are offered. Inpatient services include detoxification for those requiring help overcoming the physical aspect of their addictions, buprenophine and suboxone maintenance, and substance abuse counseling. Aftercare services provided by the facility include halfway houses and sober living facilities.

Benilde Hall (Kansas City)

Benilde Hall in Kansas City provides substance abuse treatment on a long-term inpatient basis, with programs lasting 60, 90 or 120 days. For those who need to work, or take care of other responsibilities, during the day, partial hospitalization, which consists of release during the day and residential treatment in the evenings, is available. Dual diagnosis treatment helps those who require treatment for co-occurring mental illnesses along with their addiction treatment, and specialized programs are geared toward seniors, gays and lesbians, and substance abusers with HIV/AIDS.

Family Counseling Center (Cape Girardeau)

Family Counseling Center in Cape Girardeau provides residential substance abuse treatment for adults and teens, with special services available for pregnant and postpartum women. Both short-term inpatient programs of 30 days or less, and long-term programs of 60, 90 or 120 days are available, with partial hospitalization offered for those who want to continue working or who must leave the facility during the day. Along with traditional therapies, such as counseling, the facility offers holistic treatment options, like nutritional therapy and exercise therapy, and beds are available for clients’ children.

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Contact us for more details about treatment options in Missouri.Dealing with addiction is never easy. Getting over both the physical dependence and the psychological issues that cause one to abuse substances in the first place can be impossible for many people to do on their own. The long-term, continuous treatment offered by residential rehabilitation programs can be the dedicated care some addicts need to overcome addictions they have been unable to get past by any other means.

If you are dealing with an ongoing drug abuse issue, or suffering from dependence on a substance, and you seek the intensive care provided by residential treatment, can help you find a Missouri facility to provide the treatment you need. Contact us today.


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