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Nevada Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in NevadaDeveloping a substance abuse problem in Nevada, let alone any state, can be a terrifying experience, with patients sometimes becoming uncertain about where to turn to get the assistance they need. Failure to deal with drug abuse can lead to a ruined career and the loss of home and family. When addiction is involved, it becomes even more crucial for patients to get professional help at a licensed facility. For many, an inpatient program is the best option, based on consultation with a medical professional.

Inpatient treatment requires the patient to stay at the facility, often beginning with immediate and emergency detoxification services that are conducted under the watchful eye of medical professionals. An inpatient program is designed to help patients focus on their sobriety, keeping them away from the temptations of ordinary life at home, work or school. They learn how to avoid situations that could cause a relapse and figure out a way to arrange their lives to become more productive members of society.

With a more structured environment and the assistance of professionals in individual and group therapy, patients in an inpatient drug rehab program can finally get their lives back on track and become clean and sober.

Nevada Drug Abuse, Dependence, And Treatment

The number of people with illicit drug dependence or abuse in the past year in Nevada is approximately 60,000, according to the latest figures available from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

What’s more, the number of people needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use in the past year amounted to 54,000, noted SAMHSA. With so many people battling addiction to drugs, a number of facilities have opened up to address the problem. Realizing you have a problem is just the first step. You still must find an appropriate facility where you can get the inpatient drug rehab services you require.

Locating an Inpatient Drug Rehab Facility in Nevada

Montevista Hospital

When it comes to finding a suitable location for undergoing drug rehabilitation, a number of options are available individuals in Nevada. For example, Montevista Hospital has an inpatient program for substance abuse and addiction that’s been in place for 20 years now. Montevista uses the principles of the 12-Step movement along with behavior modification techniques provided by licensed counselors who specialize in drug and alcohol abuse. The facility also works with individuals who have a dual diagnosis of an emotional or psychiatric illness along with drug dependency. It’s important to take care of both issues, because otherwise the potential for relapse remains an issue.

The Las Vegas Recovery Center

The Las Vegas Recovery Center promotes its opiate-free program for recovery from chronic pain and offers a full range of care for individuals going through drug and alcohol addiction. Patients in need of immediate detox will first undergo a medically supervised and managed withdrawal process after being admitted. Once stabilized, patients continue with the recovery process in an individualized program through the center’s inpatient services. Emphasizing compassion for the patients, the center notes that its founders (including the CEO and medical director) are in long-term recovery themselves, giving them special insight into the needs of people in need of rehab.

Seven Hills Hospital

At Seven Hills Hospital, medical professionals offer private substance abuse services in a safe environment through the inpatient program. Living in a relaxing facility, away from all the stresses and triggers that can lead to substance abuse, patients have the time to get their lives back in order as they go through detox (as needed) along with customized therapeutic interventions.

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