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Inpatient Drug Rehabs in New HampshireFor patients struggling with a substance abuse problem, finding the best type of rehab can be a critical component in successfully achieving sobriety. Each patient will have to determine the best type of treatment based upon their personality and the nature of their substance abuse problems.

As patients begin to look at rehabs, they will often find that there are two main types of rehab facilities: inpatient and outpatient. Each type of treatment program has its own benefits that patients and their loved ones should carefully consider when making a selection. New Hampshire has a demonstrable need for inpatient treatment. According to SAMHSA, an estimated 33,000 people have admitted to using illicit drugs in the past year. There are also an estimate 28,0000 people in the state who need help for substance abuse but are not receiving it. It is important for these patients to find the help they need through inpatient rehab centers. Here is what all patients should know about inpatient rehab in New Hampshire.

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab describes a treatment plan where patients will live in a facilities, surrounded by helpful staff and support twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. These inpatient treatment plans will vary widely in length depending upon the needs of the patient and the resources of the facility. Some might be as short as just a few weeks while others may be a few months, or even longer.

While in the facility the patient will have access to therapy and help with overcoming their substance abuse problem. During the day they will generally attend different types of group and individual therapy. Many facilities will also have the appropriate care available to help patients who need to undergo detox in the first stage of their treatment.

Patients undergoing inpatient rehab often find that the live-in conditions help to provide them with the motivation they need to stay sober. Patients are not faced with as many temptations early in the recovery process as they might be if they were still living at home. Those in treatment also have access to immediate help if they find themselves struggling profusely with sobriety. Inpatient treatment is often recommended for those who have had a long-standing and/or intense substance abuse problem as well as those who have gone through rehab before but had begun to abuse substances again.

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Centers In New Hampshire

Odyssey Family Center in Canterbury

The Odyssey Family center provides substance abuse treatment services as well as dual-diagnosis treatment options for those who need help with mental illnesses at the same time. Residential treatment options can be for several months and patients can receive detoxification help when it is needed. Pregnant women and mothers of young children can also find specialized services to help them obtain sobriety while caring for their family.

Southeastern NH Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services in Dover

This treatment center offers short term residential stays that typically last around 28 days. Patients can receive access to detoxification help should they need it. The program is open to adults and involves a variety of different types of therapy including group therapy, meditation, art therapy, stress management and trauma stabilization.

Orion House in Newport

The Orion House is dedicated to serving adolescents who find themselves struggling with substance abuse. They focus on providing a residential treatment program that revolves around building a strong community and working with the family and the adolescent to improve the patient’s mental and physical health.

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