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New York Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in New YorkFor some people, home is where the heart is. For many, however, it can also be a source of stress, distraction, and temptation to use drugs or alcohol, too.

Drug addiction is a pernicious problem that affects millions of people worldwide every single day. Some seek the necessary treatment to move past it into sobriety; unfortunately, many get caught up in daily stress and don’t get around to it as soon as they should.

There are two primary types of drug rehabilitation: inpatient and outpatient. Put simply, inpatient requires the patient to stay at the rehab overnight for a pre-determined period of time, whereas outpatient treatment involves patchwork treatment whenever the patient has free time in their schedule.

Inpatient treatment is the ideal method of recovery for many people. It’s concentrated over a specific period of time and creates a focused environment where there’s only one task at hand: getting better. Something as serious as drug addiction shouldn’t be given only fleeting attention. Success is more likely to happen when it’s given the attention it deserves.

Drug Addiction In New York

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), approximately 450,000 New York citizens suffered from illicit drug dependence and abuse during any given month between 2012 and 2013. In the exact same span of time, 423,000 New York citizens needed treatment but, for any combination of reasons, did not seek it out or receive it.

Those numbers are high. Well over four hundred thousand New Yorkers went about their days needing drug rehabilitation, but never sought it out. It’s well-accepted that New Yorkers are a busy people, but nothing’s more important than health. Taking time off for inpatient drug treatment is definitely one of the most important things someone can do for themselves.

New York Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers

Arms Acres

The best way to focus on recovery is to silence the stressors surrounding you. There are few better places to this than at the serene Arms Acres in Putnam County, New York.

Nestled on a vast, 54-acre plot of land, Arms Acres fosters physical and mental distance between you and other distractions. The facility boasts what’s called a “special empathy,” and assures guests that the center provides a compassionate, friendly home for those struggling with addiction. Their team includes doctors, social workers, physicians, counselors, and a wide variety of other specialists.

Villa Veritas Foundation, Inc.

Based out of Kerhonkson, the Villa Veritas Foundation is an inpatient drug facility that prioritizes healing the mind, body, and spirit. Their programs are holistic in nature, and foster a family-like environment. The programs offered here include a recreational activities program, family programs, separate men’s and women’s programs, retreats, and more.

The facility regular features fun events that foster a positive, uplifting atmosphere. Popular events include picnics, golf tournaments, recovery walks, classes, and dinner dances.

Create, Inc.

Not everyone prefers the countryside for recovery, so many seek out sites embedded deep in New York City. Create, Inc. is one of the most popular.

The bulk of Create’s focus is on reparation. Not only does this include repairing a patient’s relationship with their body, but also with loved ones and their future. Create boasts social counseling, job training, and myriad other programs designed to get people fully back on their feet. Addiction is usually caused by a number of factors. The people at Create work tirelessly to address each of these factors to help give their clients their best steps forward into sobriety.

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