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Pennsylvania Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in PennsylvaniaInpatient drug rehabilitation is designed for individuals who have serious drug and alcohol problems, as these issues have devastated their lives. Inpatient treatment focuses on providing a safe and stable atmosphere away from the temptations of taking drugs and alcohol. People stay at the facility as they can obtain 24-hour specialized care with medical staff who are available to offer a range of different therapy treatments. Throughout Pennsylvania, there are an average of 305,000 people taking illicit drugs. Unfortunately, over 267,000 people never get the treatment they need to be free of their drug problems. Inpatient drug rehabilitation can provide them with the means to bring health and happiness back to their life.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Services

Each Pennsylvania drug rehabilitation center will offer different types of inpatient treatment services. Researching each facility will allow a person to find the right place that will cater to their needs. Some services that may be provided include individual sessions, group counseling, family support, detoxification, 12-Step programs, holistic therapy strategies, relapse prevention, and aftercare planning. While staying at certain facilities, people may also have access to recreational activities and outdoor events to make the stay enjoyable and further promote treatment care to fight the drug addiction.

Pennsylvania Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Firetree, LTD

Building a better way of life is the objective at the Firetree, LTD treatment center located at 800 West Fourth Street in Williamsport. They provide inpatient treatment methods based on a modified therapeutic community model that focuses on a cognitive behavior approach. Patients are counseled through individual and group sessions as they may be given personal assignments to complete that will strengthen their confidence and resolve to abstain from drug use. Treatment therapies consist of 12-Step programs, motivational enhancement therapy, life skills development, alcohol and drug education, relapse prevention, and aftercare planning.

St. Joseph Institute For Addiction

Some people who have drug addictions may have greater success when given individual treatment versus being involved in group therapy sessions. The St. Joseph Institute For Addiction provides faith-based and holistic inpatient treatment methods centered on giving every patient individualized treatment focused on their specific drug dependency issues. By focusing on each patient separately in a safe and relaxing environment, the staff can offer the right holistic healing for the mind, body, emotions, and soul. Types of treatment that may be provided include 12-Step programs, pain and stress management, physician support, nutrition support, fitness, bodywork, meditation, and spiritual support. The St. Joseph Institute For Addiction is located at 134 Jacobs Way in Port Matilda along the beautiful mountainside as residents stay in stone lodges and have access to a spa, wellness center, library, gym, chapel and tons of walking trails.

Clearbrook Manor

Helping adults fight against drug and alcohol addiction is the objective of the Clearbrook Manor Adult Treatment Center at 1100 E. Northampton Street in Laurel Run, PA. They offer treatment to both men and women at their 22-patient detox facility as patients undergo a 28-day care program targeting their drug and alcohol problems. Besides the detoxification program, patients also are a part of a Primary Care program that uses the 12-Step approach to understand the reasons for the drug addiction and help develop the skills so they can abstain from drugs and lead a healthier lifestyle. During the 28-day stay, patients can also take part in the wilderness treatment program that can further help with their recovery.

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