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Puerto Rico Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Puerto RicoIndividuals who are interested in getting the most in-depth drug rehab treatment in the shortest amount of time choose inpatient care. Through inpatient treatment a patient moves into a rehab facility to reside there throughout the program. This differs from outpatient rehab where a patient comes into the treatment facility for a few hours per day or week in order to receive treatment. Choosing to go through inpatient treatment offers you the strongest support system and care available thanks to the 24/7 services of staff and providers in this type of facility.

Finding Dependency And Abuse Treatment In Puerto Rico

Inpatient drug rehab is considered the most intensive type of rehab as it works through a wide range of issues related to drug dependence and abuse. However, the intensity is considered beneficial to patients, and the residential aspect prevents relapse during treatment. In Puerto Rico the number of adults over age 12 who admitted to having a dependency or abuse problem with drugs in 2012 totaled 3,071 individuals. In order to meet the needs of Puerto Ricans whom are dealing with dependency or abuse issues, inpatient rehab offers opportunities for long term recovery. Now let’s look at some of the inpatient treatment facilities found in Puerto Rico.

Silo Mision Cristiana, Inc.

Located in Vega Baja, Silo Mision Cristiana, Inc. is a faith-based facility centered around Christian dogma. Therefore the treatment provided is founded in Christian principles. In terms of inpatient treatment, the facility offers a range of options including residential long-term care for 60, 90 and 120 days. In addition to treating Christians, the center provides drug rehab services to senior citizens and males.

Centro De Tratamiento Residential De Varones San Juan

At this center for residential treatment in San Juan, patients can receive care for dual diagnoses involving mental health and substance abuse. Here the inpatient programs also run for 60, 90 and 120 days. Types of patients typically treated here include persons living with HIV/AIDS; gays and lesbians; senior citizens; and males. Individuals with ASL or hearing impairment will find that this center is equipped to provide assistance. Court ordered treatment needs for drug dependency or abuse can also be fulfilled here.

La Perla De Gran Precio

In Bayamon, this treatment facility offers several types of impatient care. For starters individuals who need to go through detoxification from drugs or alcohol can find this service at La Perla De Gran Precio. During the next phase of the treatment process, patients at this facility can sign up for short-term inpatient treatment for 30 days or less. Additionally, there are long-term inpatient options of 60, 90 and 120 days. Finally, during the recovery process, patients that need longer support can move into one of the halfway houses or sober living facilities operated via La Perla De Gran Precio to continue with their treatment in a somewhat freer environment. Unlike the other two facilities listed here, this center serves females, and it provides residential beds for the children of patients.

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