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Inpatient Drug Rehabs in South DakotaRecovering from illicit drug abuse requires the right treatment program and solution. In South Dakota, roughly 15,000 residents admit to illicit drug abuse and almost 13,000 residents need addiction treatment, but do not enter a treatment program, explains the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. When a loved one needs treatment or personal substance abuse raises concerns about addiction, seeking treatment in a residential program provides a chance to start making positive changes to a personal lifestyle.

What Is Residential Treatment?

As the name implies, residential treatment refers to any program that keeps individuals in the treatment facility for the duration of the treatment plan. The individual lives in the facility for a set period until he or she transitions into a healthier lifestyle out of the treatment program.

In general, the program lasts for at least 28 days or longer, says Psych Central. Some programs last for several months due to the severity of an addiction or the complications associated with the individual’s current lifestyle and situation. A long-term residential program allows individuals to address underlying mental health concerns, physical ailments or trauma that contributes to an addiction.

Benefits Of A Residential Treatment Plan

Since residential programs remove an individual from their current home environment, it provides a chance to start making positive changes in a safe location. The primary advantages of the program depend on the details of the treatment plan, but many facilities offer similar advantages.

The benefits of treatment in a residential program include:

Removing an individual from a dangerous or tempting home environment
Eliminating stress that contributes to an addiction
Finding the underlying causes of addiction and providing appropriate treatment
Improving physical health with nutrition and exercise programs
Addressing any mental health concerns associated with drug abuse
Providing a safe environment free from temptations
Offering several treatment options and a personalized treatment program
Inpatient treatment programs allow individuals to focus on their long-term recovery goals in an encouraging and supportive environment. It also provides a chance to make adjustments to current lifestyle habits and personal beliefs so that individuals obtain their recovery goals without taking unnecessary risks with their health and well-being. The programs allow individuals to take a break from an environment that causes temptations and addresses the causes of an addiction.

Treatment Programs in South Dakota

Finding an appropriate inpatient program in South Dakota depends on the current situation and personal goals. The best program will vary based on the needs of each individual, so having several options in mind provides a chance to compare different programs and select a facility that addresses personal concerns and assists with individual recovery goals.

The Keystone Recovery Center

The Keystone Recovery Center offers residential care for adults in Canton, South Dakota. The program offers specialized care for Native Americans as well as treatment programs for other individuals in recovery. It provides comprehensive drug treatment and counseling services that help with long-term goals and provide the evidence-based treatment solutions that individuals need for their future goals.


Avera offers partial hospitalization and inpatient addiction treatment based on the needs of each individual. The program focuses on medical treatments and is part of a medical facility, so individuals have supervision for withdrawal and detoxification as well as the treatment program. As a medical facility, it offers residential treatment based on the individual’s specific health concerns and current situation.

The Oxford House

The Oxford House offers a treatment program in South Dakota. The residential program addresses the needs of individuals in recovery and allows individuals to stay for an extended period if long-term treatment provides the appropriate tools for recovery goals. The program offers one treatment facility in South Dakota.

Treating Addiction In South Dakota

Contact us for more details about treatment options in South Dakota.The best treatment solution for residents in South Dakota depends on personal goals and health concerns. A residential program helps with long-term goals by addressing the underlying causes of an addiction and helping with over all recovery.

Use the tools at to find the right program for personal recovery goals. Contact us today to learn more.



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