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Tennessee Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in TennesseeTennessee is a beautiful state famous for its music, BBQ, and football stars, but the thousands of residents suffering from drug addiction may find little to enjoy about life there or anywhere else. If your substance abuse problem has you at its mercy, an inpatient drug rehab program could the be secret to enjoying life again as a healthy, happy citizen. Inpatient programs give you the extra time you need to get to the root of your underlying issues as you detoxify from drugs once and for all.

Why Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab often succeeds for certain patients where outpatient rehab might easily fail them (or may even have failed them in the past). That’s because severe dependence on drugs makes relapses a very real danger even after detoxification and short-term treatment have laid the foundation for recovery. Once the addicted individual returns to familiar surroundings where drug-taking was part of his lifestyle, it can be all too easy to fall back into old, dangerous habits. Inpatient rehab eliminates these temptations and distractions by simply making it impossible for the patient to return to an unsupervised life too early in the process. Extended therapy and drug-free living, sometimes over a period of several months, allows patients to reprogram entire lifestyle patterns, not just stop doing drugs temporarily.

How long you stay in an inpatient program depends on how much help you need. If you have a co-occurring psychiatric issue that also needs treating, for instance, your stay may need to last until both treatments are completed. Inpatient programs can run anywhere from 30 to 120 days. Your program will provide the necessary detoxification to rid you of physical dependency, as well as counseling and emotional support to help you understand and defeat the internal demons that may have driven you to drugs.

Trouble In Tennessee

Tennessee residents have issues with both illicit and legally-obtained drugs. 134,000 of them were reported as having dependence or abuse issues within the previous year — and the vast majority of them (some 122,000) never got the necessary treatment for these issues. Prescription drug abuse has grown particularly worrisome; it recently made news as the leading type of substance abuse in the state, causing more deaths on the road than alcohol. Thousands of Tennessee residents use prescription opioid painkillers for non-medical purposes, with many of them becoming addicted in the process.

Tennessee Inpatient Rehab Clinics

Fortunately for its residents, Tennessee has several medical centers and inpatient drug rehab facilities to choose and are consistently ranked as some of the best in America. Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Center in Nashville, Tennessee offers such specific services as ASL for the hearing impaired, dual diagnosis treatment to help those with co-occurring disorders, and holistic/alternative rehab treatment as part of its inpatient programs. Synergy treatment Centers in Memphis provides 60-day, 90-day, and 120-day inpatient stays as well as court-ordered treatment and special programs for gays and lesbians, seniors, HIV/AIDS patients, and pregnant/postpartum women. Knoxville’s E M Jellinek Center offers 60/90/120-day programs along with court-ordered, dual-diagnosis, and aftercare addiction treatment. Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Oak Ridge, Tennessee provides not only long-term residential inpatient care but also special programs for court-ordered DUI/DWI offenders, seniors, and men.

Real Recovery Starts Here

Contact us for more details about treatment options in Tennessee.If you’re ready to say goodbye to a crippling chemical addiction for good, then you’re ready to give serious consideration to an inpatient drug rehab program in Tennessee.

You need to make sure you choose the facility that best suits your needs and budget, so contact us at today to get more details and see all your available options. Once you’re securely on the road to recovery, you’ll appreciate the beauties of this state more clearly than ever!

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