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Inpatient Drug Rehabs in VermontDrug abuse is a nationwide problem, let alone in Vermont. And for those who identify that there’s a problem and vow to get treatment to overcome such issues, there are generally two courses of rehabilitation that they can seek – outpatient or inpatient. Outpatient treatment consists of attending regular meetings and counseling at a treatment center, while also permitting individuals to continue working, going to school and going home to their families. Essentially, outpatient treatment allows a patient to live a normal life, aside from the few hours they may spend in counseling at the treatment center each week.

Then there’s inpatient, or residential, rehabilitation – a more intensive treatment program where counseling and other activities are carried out throughout the entire day. Patients must voluntarily enter inpatient treatment programs, and while many may leave after 30 days, extended residential stays of 60, 90 or even 120 days may be required in some cases to fully treat an individual. Essentially, residential treatment programs are safe, structured environments that aim to replace negative habits with positive habits in helping an individual overcome addiction. They’re usually the best option for those with a long history of drug abuse or for those that have attempted to overcome addiction via outpatient means and have failed.

Drug Use In Vermont

As we mentioned in the opening, drug abuse is a nationwide problem – and the state of Vermont is no exception. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 16,000 Vermont residents experienced illicit drug dependence or drug abuse within the past year. These drugs consist of either marijuana, cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens and prescription medication. Further estimates indicate that as many as 14,000 Vermont residents require treatment for drug dependence but are currently not seeking it in the professional environment that they should be. Thankfully, for those that wish to seek treatment and overcome drug issues, there are a bevy of rehabilitation centers in Vermont – many that specifically offer inpatient treatment. The next section will take a look at several such centers.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers In Vermont

Phoenix Houses of New England Brattleboro Rise Program

There are dozens of rehabilitation centers in Vermont, many of which also offer inpatient treatment. For instance, there’s the Phoenix Houses of New England Brattleboro Rise Program, located on Western Avenue in Brattleboro. The center offers long-term inpatient treatment ranging from 60 up to 120 days and specializes in substance abuse treatment through general and individualized health services. Included in Phoenix Houses of New England Brattleboro’s offerings include wilderness therapy, smart recovery, group therapy and non 12-Step therapy.

Lund Family Center

Elsewhere in Vermont, there’s the Lund Family Center, located on Glen Road in Burlington. While the Lund Family Center offers outpatient treatment, it also offers 60, 90 or 120 day inpatient residential treatment for substance abuse, dual diagnosis treatment and buprenorphine and suboxone. Specifically, it specializes in treatment through alternative and holistic means and also offers residential beds for patient children.

Recovery House Inc. Serenity House

Another rehabilitation treatment center that offers inpatient residential treatment is the Recovery House Inc. Serenity House, located on Church Street in Wallingford. However, unlike the other two rehabilitation centers mentioned in this section, Recovery House only offers short-term residential treatment of 30 days or less. It specializes in treating patients with substance abuse issues through alternative and holistic means.

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