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Virginia Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in VirginiaPeople in Virginia may take different types of illicit or prescription drugs that can cause a host of physical, mental and emotional distress to their lives. In fact, there are about 177,000 people who are 12 years of age and older who are abusing drugs or have a drug dependency. Of these people, around 161,000 people need to obtain rehabilitation treatment yet are not receiving it. Treatment programs are available throughout the state of Virginia, including inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment is suitable for people who need more intensive care in a structured and safe environment. People may be referred to the program, court ordered, or voluntarily admit themselves. They will stay at a treatment center anywhere from a few days for inpatient detox to 120 days in long-term residential programs as they will participate in group and individual therapy sessions.

Benefits To Inpatient Treatment

Virginia inpatient care provides a structured daily program focused on each patient’s addiction therapy needs. People have access to nurses, counselors and physicians every day as their care is monitored and adjusted to offer the best treatment. In addition, the patients involved in inpatient treatment are often around others who are experiencing the same addiction and dependency issues, eliminating the feelings of loneliness as everyone can build up their communication and interaction skills. Inpatient treatment often removes people from an unstable environment that may tempt them to return to taking illicit or prescription drugs, allowing them to develop the confidence and determination to abstain from drug use.

Virginia Inpatient Treatment Centers

Blackberry Ridge Residential And Outpatient Substance Abuse And Treatment Center

People can find inpatient treatment programs at the Blackberry Ridge Residential and Outpatient Substance Abuse and Treatment Center located at 1770 Early Farm Road in Amherst, Virginia. Inpatient programs consist of individual and group therapy strategies that use a wide range of care treatments such as evidence-based curriculum modules and 12-Step peer support introduction. The curriculum may cover sobriety planning, correcting disordered thinking, relapse prevention, health and wellness care, and problem-solving strategies. The program typically lasts only 28 days or less, although patients can stay longer if more intensive treatment is recommended.

Williamsville Wellness

Williamsville Wellness treatment centers has two locations in Virginia — 10515 Cabaniss Lane in Hanover and 8505 Bell Creek Road, Suite K in Mechanicsville — as they offer intensive 28-day inpatient treatment. They provide group therapy sessions and 20 one-on-one individual sessions that utilize holistic therapy to bring wellness to the body, mind and spirit of people undergoing drug addiction and dependency. The licensed care staff uses a variety of treatment modalities based on each patient’s care plan. At the center, the staff may provide psychotherapy strategies, art therapy, family therapy, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, yoga, SMART Recovery, 12-Step programs, peer counseling, anger management techniques and a host of recreational activities.

Mount Regis Center

At 405 Kimball Avenue in Salem, Virginia is the Mount Regis Center that offers inpatient treatment for people who have a drug addiction. The center has a 27-bed facility to accommodate patients seeking treatment in a safe and productive environment. The staff offers inpatient treatment as a 12-Step program model as they also provide lifetime support after the patient successfully completes the program. With a personal treatment team, people get the specialized care focused on their individual needs while designed to build their life skills and strengths to fight against the drug and alcohol addiction.

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