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Washington Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in WashingtonIf your ability to enjoy and appreciate life in the state of Washington has been impaired by the nightmare of drug addiction, you may find inpatient drug rehab can be your best chance for turning your life around. These programs emphasize in-depth, long-term care instead of a quick fix or simple detoxification, giving you time to rebuild your entire life and state of mind for a true, lasting recovery.

The Benefits Of Inpatient Rehab

Many clinics offer both outpatient and inpatient drug rehab, but the quicker and more convenient of these options is not necessarily the most effective one for certain individuals. If your addiction is seriously advanced or deeply rooted in your life, you will likely need more extensive care than a brief stay can provide. An inpatient stay isolates you from the many temptations of the outside world while giving you a fair chance to break old, bad habits for good. Additionally, patients who have “dual-diagnosis” problems (co-occurring drug and mental health issues) typically need more time to get the full range of treatments they require.

Different clinics may offer different (or multiple) lengths of inpatient stays to accommodate different levels of need. The clinic will become your home away from home during this period, which may stretch up to 120 days, thus providing a clean, safe, positive environment in which to heal. The absence of any illicit or recreational drugs forces your body and mind to learn to live without them, at the same time greatly facilitating your efforts to create new lifestyle patterns and habits. In addition to the detox process itself, you will participate in 12-Step meetings or other forms of counseling and therapy designed to address the underlying emotions, relationships, and beliefs that so often cause or reinforce addictive behaviors.

Washington’s Drug Problem

Many of your fellow Washington residents understand your suffering all too well. 174,000 Washington residents aged 12 years and over experienced a drug dependence or abuse within the past year, 98,000 of which never received treatment for this potentially deadly problem. In Seattle, heroin is the biggest and most alarming drug of abuse, especially for young adults in the city, while methamphetamine abuse is also on the rise. The most common cause of drug-related death in Seattle, however, is the abuse of opioids such as oxycodone. In fact, Washington state is the sixth worst offender in the nation for non-prescription drug abuse, with both drug and alcohol abuse levels increasing statewide.

Washington Inpatient Rehab Clinics

The good news is that inpatient drug rehab can and does help even severe cases of drug addiction — and Washington has numerous clinics that offer this service. Many of these also provide other useful services for specific groups or issues. Perinatal Treatment Services in Seattle, for example, boasts 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day residential programs, but it also offers beds for clients’ children and special programs for pregnant and postpartum women. Independent Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Vancouver, Washington provides long-term inpatient care as well as court ordered addiction treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and teen addiction treatment programs. If you live in Yakima, check out Casita Branch of Triumph Treatment Services for its inpatient stays of up to 120 days, ASL services for the hearing impaired, and holistic rehabilitation and alternative treatment programs. Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers Recovery House offers not only long-term inpatient drug rehab but also aftercare addiction treatment and special programs for women.

Begin Your Journey To Wellness

Contact us for more details about treatment options in Washington.The sooner you embark on your journey to a healthier life, the sooner you’ll successfully complete it. A lengthy inpatient stay may seem inconvenient, but investing this time and effort now can help secure a much brighter future for yourself.

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