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Inpatient Drug Rehabs in West VirginiaTreating addiction to illicit substances requires the help of professionals in an appropriate treatment program. In West Virginia, roughly 43,000 residents abuse illicit drugs and 39,000 residents need treatment, but do not seek treatment in a professional program, explains the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Due to the high level of substance abuse and the risks associated with continued addiction, individuals need treatment in an appropriate facility. In-patient or residential treatment offers the chance to start making positive changes.

What Is In-patient Treatment?

An in-patient treatment program refers to any facility that offers individuals a bed during their stay. Essentially, the program allows individuals to stay in the facility for a set period until they start working on long-term recovery goals.

Psych Central states that inpatient or residential programs usually last for at least 28 days and they remove the individual from his or her home setting. It allows the individual a chance to start fresh without any distractions from recovery goals. It also provides a safe environment while an individual starts working toward realistic goals so that he or she does not take risks with personal relationships or complicated problems that contribute to an addiction.

Benefits Of Inpatient Programs

Benefits associated with inpatient treatment programs allow individuals to focus on their goals and start working toward long-term recovery plans. Depending on the program, the specific benefits associated with the treatment plan will vary; however, many residential programs offer similar advantages that make it a good choice for individuals in recovery.

The advantages of a residential program include:

  • 24-hour assistance for recovery
  • Medical supervision to help with any health complications
  • Appropriate treatments for different mental and physical health concerns
  • Limited access to problems in a family life or among friends
  • Limited stress or anxiety
  • A safe environment away from temptations
  • Proper nutrition throughout the program
  • Exercise to help with recovery
  • A variety of treatment options, including dual-diagnosis treatments

Inpatient programs allow individuals to focus on their long-term recovery goals without taking unnecessary risks with their health. It provides a safe environment that addresses the underlying causes of an addiction without any complications associated with stress, family life or a career. It removes the individual from the current environment so that he or she focuses on recovery goals without distractions or problems.

Programs In West Virginia

West Virginia offers a variety of options to help with addiction recovery. The in-patient programs allows residents and visitors to start working toward long-term goals without leaving the state or giving up on a quiet and calm location.

The Amity Center

The Amity Center in Parkersburg provides residential treatment for men and women. The program provides short-term residential care and medically supervised detoxification to help with the initial stages of addiction recovery. As a small program with only 13 beds, it provides a small group environment that allows medical professionals to focus on the specific needs of each individual.

The Miracles Happen Center

The Miracles Happen Center is a gender-specific residential program in Wheeling that addresses the needs of men. It is a small treatment program with 10 beds and it offers long-term residential care for up to 90 days. Due to the long-term nature of the treatment program, it helps with recovery goals and provides solutions when men have relapsed on a substance in the past.

The Genesis Program

The Genesis Program provides gender-specific care for women in Parkersburg. As a long-term residential program that lasts for 6 to 9 months, it provides women with the tools they need to avoid drugs in the future. The program provides 10 beds at three different locations to help several women in a small group setting. It offers specialized care for the needs of women.

Finding Treatment In West Virginia

Contact us for more details about treatment options in West Virginia.A residential program in West Virginia allows individuals to focus on their recovery goals in a safe and sanitary environment. helps with recovery goals by providing the tools that individuals need to find the right program for the situation and personal concerns.

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