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Luxury Inpatient Dug Rehab

There are many types of inpatient drug rehab that reflect the needs of the individual while they journey toward sobriety. With a residential stay in mind, recovery goals are more easily reached and staying on task during treatment is better achieved. One of the most beneficial forms of treatment on an inpatient basis is luxury rehabilitation. This form of treatment, similar to other inpatient programs, ranges anywhere from 2 weeks in duration to as much as 6 months, with common intervals being 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.

With inpatient treatment being a style that usually keeps an addicted individual more on track while they’re away from their everyday lifestyle, luxury inpatient treatment goes a step farther by providing a relaxing setting for those who need to recover more comfortably from their addiction. Luxury rehabilitation offers a setting for those who may not succeed in becoming sober while staying in a traditional rehabilitation facility. Those who are more apt to be at ease and leave any stressors at home would be wise to take luxury rehab into consideration for their care.

Many who attend upscale, luxury addiction treatment are in need of privatized care. These people may be celebrities, athletes, CEOs, and socialites in need of privacy and anonymity during their program. Anyone who attends luxury treatment will also receive the privacy they need, whether they have some form of celebrity status, or do not.

While stress-relief is a hot topic for the recovering resident in any type of inpatient treatment facility, there are other benefits that those entering treatment will find when they select a luxury facility.

Benefits Of Luxury Inpatient Rehabilitation:

  • Relaxing settings
  • Hotel-like rooms
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Spa-like amenities: massages, saunas, facials, yoga
  • Resort features: pools, hot tubs, beaches, tennis courts
  • Private areas for each resident: in-room personal bathrooms, suite-style rooms with separate living areas, etc.
  • Fitness centers
  • Gourmet food
  • Communication for work and business activity: conference rooms, high-speed internet, offices, access to mobile phones, computers, and fax machines
  • High-quality medical professionals, with doctoral-level therapists
  • Holistic care and organic options with on-staff nutritionists
  • On-staff personal assistants, hair and nail technicians, dermatologists, life coaches, and personal chefs

In addition to these commonly-seen amenities, each facility features its own upscale offerings. For those struggling with multiple substance use disorders or with a co-occurring mental health issue that allows for a dual diagnosis, luxury facilities are strong in ensuring that their residents receive top-notch care from exceptional medical staff. Doctors, therapists, nurses, and medical assistants are all of the caliber a luxury rehab patient would see as second to none.

With the many high-quality features of luxury treatment, patients will find that their budget may need to match this level of care during their recovery. There commonly is, however, an opportunity for those attending luxury rehab to use certain forms of insurance to cover many of the costs incurred during the program.

Facility Costs

Commonly, a recovering patient in a luxury treatment facility will find that their treatment program is comparable to the level of care they receive during their stay. Each facility is usually privatized and has different varying rates. For a two-week to one-month stay, treatment can be around $30,000, but this cost can be reduced quite a bit by insurance coverage.

Common range of luxury rehabilitation is from $20,000-80,000 per month of care. For “ultra-luxury” facilities, one may pay around $100,000 per month for level of care they desire. What may not be covered by insurance during a stay at luxury rehab is upgraded amenities that go beyond necessary rehabilitation services. For instance, you may find that you’re covered for therapy and detox, but that your room and board is not entirely covered, because the food costs are higher than normal.

Regardless of price, one who enters any form of rehabilitation will find that they are spending less on rehab than they would have spent continuing to use drugs or abuse alcohol.

Luxury Care May Be Right For You is here to make sure all of your questions are answered, you are able to find the best facility for your needs, and that your need of private, upscale care is addressed during your recovery.While you decide to enter treatment for your addiction, you may come to find that luxury-level rehabilitation is the best style of care for your recovery. Getting into a facility and starting on the road to sobriety is important and we can help you get to where you need to go. is here to make sure all of your questions are answered, you are able to find the best facility for your needs, and that your need of private, upscale care is addressed during your recovery.


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