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Finding a drug and alcohol rehab that accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance is possible. Various BCBS plans may contain benefits for drug and alcohol rehab coverage.

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When considering formal addiction rehabilitation centers for treating a drug or alcohol use disorder, the cost of care can seem like another roadblock to getting help. For people who carry a policy from Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, it is likely that a portion of their inpatient treatment costs will be covered.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is offered in most states and some BCBS plans offer coverage for drug or alcohol addiction treatment. As Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the largest health insurance providers in the U.S., they are able to provide a large network of plans and providers.

Having a large network increases the number of credible rehab facilities that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol And Drug Rehab Coverage

Some Blue Cross Blue Shield plans may cover drug and/or alcohol rehab. However, exact coverage will depend on the state a person lives in and their specific policy.

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a variety of plans, and the four most common plans include: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each plan offers a different range of coverage and deductible amounts. BCBS also offers a Federal Employee Program, which has two plans: the Basic Option and the Standard Option.

In 2008, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act was established. The Act requires employers with more than 50 employees to include mental health and addiction benefits in their insurance coverage. So, it is possible for a work-sponsored health insurance plan to carry more rehab coverage than an individual policy might have.

It is also a good idea to check with a person’s employer about Employee Assistance Programs, which offer additional recovery resources. Individual BCBS plans may also have some mental health and addiction coverage.

In order to ensure coverage from insurance, it may be required to obtain a pre-certification from a healthcare professional, prior to seeking residential or inpatient treatment. The out-of-pocket cost can vary greatly, depending on the specifics of the insurance plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is accepted, at least on some level, by most addiction treatment centers. A reputable rehab center can help determine more about the specific extent of an individual’s policy benefits and select a treatment plan that best fits the individual’s circumstances.

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How Long Will My Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan Cover Rehab?

Everyone recovers from addiction at their own pace. This may be why Blue Cross Blue Shield companies offer a range of plans which take into account the various factors that go into choosing private addiction rehab.

For example, instead of covering a set length of time in rehab, the BCBS plan may cover a portion of the stay instead, based on the deductible and specific amount of coverage. Access to additional coverage, such as through an employer, and choosing a more affordable treatment facility may enable a longer treatment stay if needed.

Does The Rehab Center Need To Be In-Network?

Another factor to consider when using an insurance policy to cover the cost of drug and alcohol rehab is whether the policy is an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan or a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan.

An HMO plan will only cover rehab services received at specific rehab treatment centers in the HMO-contracted network.

A PPO plan will generally have more options in regards to the number of providers each plan offers coverage for. PPOs also allow visits to out-of-network facilities. However, this service is usually provided at a higher rate, meaning it will likely cost more to receive out-of-network treatment.

It is best to speak with an insurance provider or specialist about the specific details of individual insurance plans regarding coverage amounts and regulations.

How To Find BCBS Drug And Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Once someone has decided to enroll in formal addiction treatment, one of the first steps they’ll need to take is to find out what their insurance will and won’t cover during rehab, so they can pick a treatment facility that works best for them.

The following are good questions to ask when looking into different rehab options:

  • Does my BCBS plan cover addiction and/or mental health treatment?
  • What drug and/or alcohol rehab facilities will accept my insurance?
  • Do rehab centers need to be in-network to be eligible for coverage?
  • What drug and/or alcohol rehab services will my plan cover?
  • Is there a maximum coverage amount for daily, inpatient rehab treatment?

In addition to verifying insurance benefits with an insurance provider, it may also be helpful to plan out how to tell others, i.e. a boss, family and friends about going to rehab, make family care plans and begin developing a treatment plan.

While preparing to enter rehab can seem overwhelming, it is best to relax and de-stress before and after attending rehab to ensure long-term, addiction recovery.

What To Expect During Rehab

In general, each day enrolled in rehab is centered on healing. This can be done through various treatment options. Some include individual or group counseling and therapy, medication-assisted therapy and other non-traditional, but research-based, healing methods, such as recreational, art and adventure therapies.

The best rehab facilities are welcoming environments that support healing. Many facilities offer unique and individual approaches to healing that work to treat each person as a whole.

On any given day in a rehab, someone may participate in individual or group therapy sessions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. These sessions help address specific emotions, behaviors and overall physical well-being.

Enrolling in a rehab center that accepts BCBS health insurance is not a limitation. With a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, an individual can find a rehab center that provides research-based treatment options in a warm environment that ensures the best chance of a successful treatment outcome.

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Finding A Drug And Alcohol Rehab That Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield

Enrolling in formal drug and alcohol rehab is a big step, and how to pay for it should not keep anyone from getting the help they need. Addiction isn’t something that can be cured overnight. Only with the proper help, tools, and resources can addicted individuals start to take back their lives.

For severe addictions, inpatient treatment is highly recommended, as a simple change in environment can be a very powerful tool in breaking an addiction. Many rehab centers accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and finding one that works for each individual is simply a matter of knowing where to look.

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